Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cold Dark Mirror

Original Sine Productions in association  with Moonlight Road Entertainment presents a David T. Krupicz film Cold Dark Mirror.
This animated feature film includes the voice talents of Christopher Lee Grant,
Sandra DaCosta, Ry Barrett, Paul Nicholls and Astrida Auza.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Mario Cuomo 1932 - 2015

Sadly we lay to rest former New York Governor Mario Cuomo today. Being a baseball person myself, I had knowledge that he and I shared the same passion.  He was signed in 1952 by the Pittsburgh Pirates and although he never played a major league game, he took the money and put it on the finger of young Matilda.  They built a family and served the community for the goodness of the whole.
This is a quote from Ken Burns “Baseball”,  by Mario Cuomo that I identified with  20 years ago and hold close to me to this day.  It helped me take a look at life and spirituality with a perspective of simplicity via the game I love so much.  -Christopher

"Baseball is a community activity. You need all nine people helping one another. I love bunt plays. I love the idea of the bunt. I love the idea of the sacrifice. Even the word is good. Giving yourself up for the good of the whole. That's Jeremiah. That's thousands of years of wisdom. You find your own good in the good of the whole. You find your own individual fulfillment in the success of the community — the Bible tried to do that and didn't teach you. Baseball did." -- Mario Cuomo